Music and Memories

Jad, when I come back to Iligan, I plan to make an orchestra or at least a small ensemble in IDS like the one I have here in Manila. That was what SE told me years ago when I was still a high school student. Me, being the violin enthusiast that I was at that… Continue reading Music and Memories


So I have been accepted in medical school, yay. No, really. I am happy... and well, nervous (afraid) at the same time. Med school is med school and it is (and will be) grueling like "catching a deluge in a cup"- to borrow the words of my high school senior who is now a junior… Continue reading


After three long years, my friend finally got to treat me to this place. This resto is one of my favorites here in my place. But you know, if that were a real date, I wouldn't go out with him again. =)) I mean, the entire thing felt so business-like. Obligatory. Not to mention there was some sort of… Continue reading