It seemed almost like an after thought. A sudden epiphany after a pleasant goodbye. Perhaps the act had been premeditated. Carefully considered and weighed before executed at just the right time to make a precise blow. I will admit: it is a surprise but it is not something I did not expect to happen. I… Continue reading Turn


Free the Orcas

Keiko was the whale we had forever changed and no matter how good our intentions, he was the whale we couldn’t fix for him to become what nature had intended: an orca in the close company of other whales. It was impossible for the world’s most loved, most famous whale.   This was the ending… Continue reading Free the Orcas


Sometimes You Forget

In the midst of failures and frustrations, hurts and offenses, distance and silences, obligations and responsibilities, hellos and goodbyes, school work and examinations, pages of readings, disappointments, midnight musings and sad music, you forget. In your hurt and frustration over a person's inability to cater to your needs, you forget that another one has already… Continue reading Sometimes You Forget