Lately, I have been living aimlessly. I go about the week performing routines like a programmed machine: wake up, go to school, try to study, get distracted, study again, and (when I have exhausted myself) sleep. The cycle goes on. But of course, I am no heartless machine. I am not not numb to the…… Continue reading Purpose


When You Obey

When you start to take God’s Word seriously, circumstances all of a sudden get on your nerves quite effectively. What didn’t bother you before becomes unbearable. What you usually don’t mind becomes what irritates you the most. You become sensitive to a lot of things – a classmate’s smirk, a friend’s condescending tone, an idea rejected…… Continue reading When You Obey

Borrowed Words

It will not make much difference, friend, A hundred years from now If you live in a stately mansion or on a river scow; If the clothes you wear are tailor-made or pierced together somehow, If you eat big steaks or beans and cake … A hundred years from now. It won’t matter your bank…… Continue reading