I thought that

decisions on relationships become easier to make when you grow older, but what I realize now is that making decisions were easier then when you were a hormone-driven short-sighted teenager. As an adult, your perspective is broader and your obligations have increased. You no longer focus your attention on the present because you have learned…… Continue reading I thought that

Borrowed Words

But what remains in a Christianity that doesn’t seriously engage God’s word? Sadly, a fluffy, pithy sentimentalism — a religion who’s entire belief system is more fit for a coffee mug than a catechism. – Desiring God


One thing that people who serve in church ministry should accept realize is the concept of dispensability. No ministry member or leader is that important to render the whole body non-functional when he/she leaves. Sure, the contribution of said person, when taken away, would cause some degree of discomfort but almost always, those who remain…… Continue reading