Sid & Aya (Not a movie review)

saa_1-8-2Disclaimer: major spoilers ahead 

I left the cinema feeling somewhat unsettled and a little confused. Sid & Aya’s ending turned out to be as enigmatic as the trailer that introduced it to the public.

Blues and Reds
Sid and Aya is about a corporate insomniac (Sid) and a hardworking middle-class woman (Aya) whom he pays to spend time with him during nights when he is unable to sleep. It  tells its story in stunning and vivid visuals, its message cleverly delivered in silences and hues. Sid, in his isolated and ruthless world of stocks, luxury, and insomnia, is blue while Aya, in her free-spiritedness and multiple part time jobs, is red. Their worlds collide at night where colors are engulfed by the dark and both can be free to be whoever they want to be. For the most part of the story, during the duration of their unconventional relationship, it is either Sid or Aya who enters the other’s world and this is made evident by the colors they are drenched in. When morning arrives, light brings them back to reality and reminds them of the stark difference in their social class.

Their budding relationship is halted by the return of Sid’s girlfriend and he breaks her heart. But Aya, who has more problems than a guy breaking her heart, finds opportunity in her heartbreak and grabs it – which not inconsequently, ricochets at Sid.

Meeting in Daylight
The two meet again sometime later in Japan – Sid, now a free businessman in town for a business meeting, and Aya, living with her mother and still struggling to make ends meet. Unlike their nighttime rendezvous in the Philippines, this time, they meet in broad daylight – no darkness to hide in, no high walls to hurdle. This leads to Sid coming clean to Aya about his feelings.

Remaining True to Itself
But as the movie emphasizes that their story is not a love story, there is no fairytale ending – only one of failed expectations and letting go.

The last scene of the movie shows a younger-looking Sid sporting a longer hair wearing non-sophisticated clothes walking by a coffee shop at night and spotting an equally non-sophisticated clothed Aya inside the coffee shop. Whether they had agreed to meet up or it was purely coincidental, this I understood: Sid and Aya, after much delay and denial, finally meet each other in equal footing and not surprisingly, at night in that coffee shop.

Definitely Not a Love Story
Sid and Aya is a movie about how two people meet each other and change each other’s lives – and not necessarily for the better. It is a visual spectacle – it’s story enmeshed within its liberal use of colors throughout the movie. It is a movie that gives away too much and too little both at the same time leaving its viewers wondering if Sid and Aya eventually get their happy ever after.

But I suppose, it is those who look for that happy ending who miss the point of the story.

Rating: 3.5/5

Check out some of music in the film:


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