Borrowed Words

Lessons from John Piper

  1. Pray that your future spouse, or your present spouse, be a radical, risk-taking, go-anywhere-for-Jesus world Christian.
  2. Find a Bible-believing, Bible-preaching, Bible-structured, Bible-obedient church. Join it, serve it, discover your gifts, and be accountable to the community as you follow God’s call.
  3. Whether you attend seminary or not, become as Bible-saturated as you can, putting yourself under the influence of the most insightful Bible-teachers, dead and alive.
  4. Read your Bible every day of your life. If you have time for breakfast, never say that you don’t have time for God’s word. Don’t get your Bible-reading pleasure from the fact that your conscience is clear when the Bible box is checked, but get your pleasure from the living, supernatural encounter with God-revealed reality in Scripture.
  5. Become a Christian Hedonist, whether you call yourself that or not. Don’t aim at fame. Don’t aim at sexual gratification. Don’t aim at wealth. And don’t aim at safety. Aim at all-satisfying joy in God which will empower you for humility, and chastity, and simplicity, and risk-taking, sacrificial love.
  6. Memorize Psalm 25. Pray it as your own. Give yourself wholly up to God and his mission. And trust him.



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