Music and Memories

Jad, when I come back to Iligan, I plan to make an orchestra or at least a small ensemble in IDS like the one I have here in Manila.

That was what SE told me years ago when I was still a high school student. Me, being the violin enthusiast that I was at that time, replied without hesitation, “And I will be part of that!” Little did both of us know that it would take several years for him to return and settle in Iligan. When he came back, he brought with him MK (his wife) and we were already junior college students busy with our respective academic loads. Rendezvous for music making were replaced with coffee shop conversations on life, school, work, relationships, future goals, etc. – adultier topics.

Witnessing SE play with his younger and bigger brood reminded me of those times in the IDS gazebo when he spent a summer with us giving us violin lessons, the performances we have had during school activities in the years that followed, the wedding gigs we were invited to – the name we have made for ourselves as a budding string ensemble in this little town in the South. I remember, too, how school became more demanding the higher our year levels until eventually we stopped making music altogether. There were attempts of getting-together and making music again, but it was never quite the same: the fervor we had as high schoolers were lost along the way as we enmeshed ourselves with the adult world of undergraduate school.

It has been eight years since we became friends with SE and even though we don’t make music anymore, our friendship remains. It has changed in a couple of ways but the bond remains the same.

Now, just a little more
Only just a little more
Let’s stay here a little longer now

Sang the girl who sang Radwimps’ Nandemonaiya. Oh, don’t we all wanna stay longer somewhere?


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