Rated R thoughts

Warning: This is a rather sensitive topic. Proceed with caution. 

Lately I’ve been thinking about sex.

Not in the excited-i-must-have-it kind of way. More like the physiologic aspects of it.

Let me explain.

Our current (and last) module is all about obstetrics. This includes the female reproductive system, signs and symptoms of pregnancy, prenatal care, and subsequent labor. (We also dabbled a bit on the male reproductive system but the focus was more on the prostate and its associated diseases.) Anyway, so since that’s what we’re learning about, it’s inevitable that there should be a discussion on both the female and male sexual act – how it happens, how it starts, what happens to the body during and after the act, etc. It’s amazing how textbooks reduce the entire thing into something so mechanical and methodical unlike how movies portray it to be.

So here I am learning about the body and how it responds to hormones and external stimuli which culminates to the sexual act and eventually to conception – which by the way is the primary purpose of sex, according to science – and it occurs to me how appropriate it is to say that sex is the pinnacle of human connection. The very act itself, from the baring of bodies to the coming together of skin on skin and the eventual exchange of bodily fluids, is the ultimate expression of vulnerability and trust. It’s like a sort of surrender only that there are no losses – not under the context of marriage – because you are surrendering yourself to somebody whom you have exchanged promises with to have and to hold no matter the circumstances all the days of your lives. So I guess it is the most appropriate act to do at the beginning of a marriage – not before. It’s a sort of foreshadowing of what would consist the married life. After all, marriage does consist of submission, trust, honesty, vulnerability, and a whole lot more.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this… it’s just that it makes sense to me the correlation between high divorce rates and premarital sex: when you drop marriage as a prerequisite for sex, you diminish its value. And when you diminish its value, it becomes easier to get. Such that you don’t have to build trust and relationship with another person to have it. So if the relationship is shallow and mostly based on the physical (sexual) aspect, then it becomes easier to give up a marriage when things get difficult. Well , that is if there was even a marriage; premarital sex is pretty much the trend these days. —– Ack, my thoughts are all over the place. I’ll continue this some other time. For now, I must return to my textbooks.


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