Med School Diaries

Dear Freshman,

I wonder if you have already arrived at the realization that the college isn’t as amazing as you had thought it to be and that in fact, it is far from it. But then again, you have probably already had an idea or two; the school building itself isn’t very welcoming. (I actually thought it was abandoned the very first time I came to apply!)

Freshie, if you already have, don’t get carried away with the disillusionment. Continue to strive and learn even with the absence of a teacher. I will not deny the importance of a good teacher but learning by yourself has its own advantages. For one, it would teach you perseverance, diligence, and discipline as well as resourcefulness as you figure out ways to understand the material. Another advantage would be that you get to direct your learning, the caveat being that if you aren’t very disciplined with your schedule, this advantage would appear to be more of a disadvantage on your part. And finally, you get to learn to love studying – something that we should learn to do as this career is as dynamic as the cells that compose our bodies.

Community Medicine will also teach you a thing or two about relationships. This school is built to make doctors who will go to and serve the community but sadly, only a few ever do. A lot of graduates pursue private practice (which I’m not saying is a bad thing) and end up sitting in cozy chairs treating privileged sick people while the ones in the barrios stick to their rudimentary (and sometimes incorrect) methods of self-medication refusing to see a doctor until it is already too late. It’s not going to be easy  nor will it be convenient and you will eventually find yourself feeling bored (because sometimes, there just isn’t anything interesting going around in the community), nevertheless, go. Go as is expected of you and be there. Serve them. Love them. Teach them. That is the very least you can do.

Do well and don’t complain like I did. Instead, pick up your books and study. In the end, you are still responsible for your learning and you will regret not having learned something when you were supposed to.

Don’t make excuses, Freshie, and always take responsibility.

It will be alright.

You will be alright.


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