In Christ Alone

I remember sometime last year when I played with the idea of turning my back on Christianity. Well, not exactly complete turning back – what I intended to happen was me going into all those crazy things and eventually finding God in the process. Crazy, right? Thankfully, I didn’t do it. The following morning (and thank God!), I had a light bulb moment and realized that there wasn’t really anywhere to run off to apart from God. There was simply nothing in the world that could give me peace.

A few days after that, I shared that experience to my mentor. In his most solemn tone he asked me, “What if you did exactly that and God decides not to rescue you?” I never quite realized the implications of his question until today after reading through a couple posts about Christianity and what sets it apart from other religions. What if I did go that road and God doesn’t save me? The thought makes me shiver. What a terrible, terrible thing that could have been.

A year has passed since then. I have not left the faith nor do I intend to. I believe that God exists and that He loves me and gave His Son Jesus Christ to die a terrible death on the cross to save me. Every day that I remain in Him is only because of His grace. Every day that I am alive I live to bring Him glory.

To God be the glory alone.

Thank You, God!

Thank you for saving me.


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