A Blog Review

I started blogging way back 2010 – 2011, but only took it seriously the year after. I made a blog for the sole reason of having an outlet for my thoughts when I wasn’t brave enough to post them on Facebook. I chose WordPress because while Tumblr was what most of my peers used at the time, it seemed so cluttered to me with all the reblogs and pictures it offers. Of course, that wasn’t much of an issue if I had only filtered the people I followed in my dash – I was an internet noob then. I didn’t know much. I had a couple of other sites before I finally made permanent address here. Those first few blogs were terrible. I look back on them with cringe and amusement. I actually had the audacity to write what I wrote and publish them!

It has been about six years since then. Where has my blogging taken me?

I would like to hope that I have come far from the writer I was in the beginning to the writer I am today in terms of quality and content in my writing. I know how to use most of my words correctly now (and if I didn’t well I look up its usage first before actually using them ha ha) and I don’t try as much as I used to sound better than I actually am. I now write as me in the most candid and raw way I can.

I haven’t gone to talking about places or attractions in my city and continued to focus my content on my thoughts about life in general – which probably explains why I haven’t been included in my city’s blogger’s society. Well, not that I would qualify anyway nor do I intend to join. This blog from the very beginning has always been low-key known only to a select people and to the ones who somehow found their way to this blog. It continues to amaze me the number of followers I have gained over the years. Thank you. The likes and views I get from time to time let me know that I am not talking to a wall. 🙂

Now that I have spent six years in the blogosphere, where do I intend this blog to go?

This is a hard question to answer as I am not so faithful in updating this blog. One moment I blog daily, the next moment I go on a hiatus. I’m a medical student now which makes it all the more harder to blog consistently despite the amount of ideas that come to me. Simply put, I can’t really say where this is blog is going to go. Maybe I’ll go on blogging in a few more years. Maybe not. I don’t know. One thing I’m certain is that I will write. How consistently and until when? Only time will tell.

Right now I’m here.

More often than I appear to be.

Cheers to six years in WordPress!


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