7/1: Marriage

I attended the wedding of a friend today. I have been to  a lot of weddings of Christian couples in the past but none have been as God-centered as this one. Although the wedding ceremony essentially follows the usual program, the focus of the ceremony always returns to God being the giver and provider of blessings. In one part of the program, the couple shared their individual testimonies of how God has worked in their lives. It is amazing how God causes people to come together. Both of them are campus missionaries and directors of their respective districts in PSALM. Two years ago, the bride started praying for her future mate telling God of the qualities she wants her husband to have. Ironically, the groom is none of things she prayed for… but over time she realized that she has gotten more than what she initially wanted.

I especially like the part where the husband could now kiss his wife. Both of them being each other’s first boyfriend and girlfriend, we could see them feeling nervous (the wife started fixing her gown while the groom drank water before he made the kiss ha ha!). When he finally kissed her, everybody rejoiced and clapped with them. What a sight it was to behold- the excitement of finally getting to kiss each other and the nervous feeling of not quite knowing how. I know see why they tell you to save these things (first kiss and sex) until marriage. The joy of intimacy is indeed the reward of commitment, Joshua Harris used to say.

About a month ago a friend asked me when I wanted to get married.

I paused upon hearing the question.

I honestly don’t know.

In the last few months, only once has the idea of marriage crossed my mind and it certainly wasn’t because I intentionally thought about it. The question was thrown to me unexpectedly from a stranger I met just a few minutes prior said conversation. “Do you want to get married?” he asked. Do I want to get married? Of course. But the idea seems so far-fetched at this point in my life that I’m not so sure why I should be thinking about it in the first place. Still, I answered, “yes” and he prayed for me a godly husband who would become a helper with what the Lord has called me to do.

I think it began when I entered college that I started paying attention to weddings. Since then, weddings almost always make me think about my own wedding in the future (should the Lord allow me to marry) afterwards. Being a medical student at the moment, I feel that me getting married isn’t something that’s going to happen soon. My friends tell me that they don’t see me going through the boyfriend-girlfriend stage anymore. Rather, they see me going directly to the engagement part and then the wedding… which isn’t such a bad thought really. I mean, if the person is the one God has ordained for me and financial stability isn’t a problem, then why take long? I have known couples who dated only briefly before they got hitched. In fact, the couple today have only gotten together for ten months but I digress. My point is, as dreamy a thought marriage is, I have no business yet  in thinking (and envisioning) about it. Everything has their proper time and season. Nevertheless, I do wonder from time to time who that person is for me, where he is, and what he is doing. Do I know him? Why don’t I know him yet?

Oh well. Where ever he is, I hope he’s growing wherever he is at the moment.

For now I focus on where I am and what I am supposed to do.

We’ll cross each other’s paths at the right time.

At the right moment.

Wait for me. I can’t wait to know you.

P.S. If I weren’t a medical student, I’d be a wedding violinist. Ha ha!


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