I underestimated my tendency to get hooked on video games. Ever since I got back from the seminar in Cavite, I pretty much got myself hooked on playing even to the point of considering buying a gaming console (I’m eyeing the new Nintendo Swith thankfully I wasn’t so impressed at it yesterday when I took a look). I guess this is where the downward spiral began. From watching Outlast gameplays to finishing Alice: Madness Returns and starting Life Is Strange to buying yet another game (Still Life), I have immersed myself completely to these time-robbers. Thankfully it has only been two weeks and tomorrow, I get a chance to actually remove myself away from them and including this city. 

So, let’s call this a heads up for my succeeding inactivity (lol as if I post all the time). I have deactivated two of my social media accounts and I might deactivate Facebook tomorrow. Hopefully, I can keep myself away because it isn’t as if there’s no internet in where I am going. 

To a refreshing week ahead!


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