I slept immediately after coming home last night. I refused to eat dinner even when mom said they didn’t eat because they were waiting for me (I was insensitive, I know). When I woke up around 10pm they were already in bed. I went to their bedroom to check on them and noticed my mom (who was still awake but close to sleeping) ignoring me. The following morning, my mom woke me up several times but made no mention of breakfast whatsoever (which was strange because they always woke me up for breakfast). It was already past 9 plus the plumbers were already working in the dining area (we are having our piping fixed) making me conclude that they probably already had breakfast having woken up earlier than me. So I stayed in my room thinking I wasn’t going to have breakfast- a well deserved consequence of what I did the previous night. A few moments later, my mom knocks on my room with a plateful of pancakes and says in her warm happy voice, “Breakfast in bed.” My heart melted. After what happened, I thought I was going to have the cold shoulder for breakfast. What did I ever do to deserve my parents?

Sometimes I stop and wonder what I have ever done to deserve the people in my life that genuinely care for me in spite of myself. And then I realize, nothing. I have done nothing to deserve them.

They are all God’s grace given to me.


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