6/9: Struggles

I think we long so much for that grand scene where some beacon of light from heaven shines upon us and tells us that we are forgiven for the trespasses we have committed and we fall on our knees sobbing and magically transformed into this changed person that we forget that that is not always the case. Sometimes, there is no beacon of light only words of faithful friends rebuking us of our sin and reminding us of the way we should go. Of course, that is not to say that when we repent, the sin instantly goes away; that the struggle is already won. That is not how it happens. That bad habit or relationship or whatever it may be will still be there the only difference being is that we gain the ability, even if weakly, to refuse it. The ability is not exactly as monumental as the druggie who suddenly abandons his drugs- as most of the time we only celebrate the big victories. We do not talk so much about the not-so glorifying struggle of saying no to sin daily and the little victories and equally frustrating defeats that come with it. But maybe we just have to learn to be content with our little victories bearing in mind that someday, as they add up in increments, we would be able to overcome our struggles.


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