Med School Diaries

Lessons from Medical School

Because school year 2016-2017 has finally come to a conclusion (and my promotion to the next year level has been more or less secured), I will take the liberty to share some of the things I have learned over the course of ten months.

  1. When entering med school, you have to be sure that it is what you want and most importantly, why. This is important because it is going to be tough and when it gets tough, you need to have something – a reason – to hold on to in order to keep going. Medical school is hard enough per se and it is harder when you go through it drudgingly.
  2. You will not be the smartest person in the room. The playing field has changed. If you were the top student or among the top students in the class during undergrad, chances are so are your classmates. You will have to make peace with the fact that others are going to be smarter and better than you.
  3. Your principles and beliefs will be tested. In med school, you will encounter all sorts of people that will either bring out the best or worst in you. That being said
  4. Circumstances will conspire to reveal things in you that you never thought were there. You will never realize the depth of a person’s character unless he is driven to utter desperation and many times, med school will do just that. If you thought you were decent, you might come to discover the degree in which you would be willing to throw away that decency.
  5. You will realize the difficulty of being happy for other people’s success when you are failing. 
  6. Your priorities will change. Med school more or less becomes the focal point of your life- everything is adjusted with respect to this epicenter. If you manage to retain your lifestyle before you entered med school, either you are really good at time management or you are doing something wrong.
  7. You will lose friends… and gain new ones. As much as I hate to include this, but with the amount of readings a med student has, rendezvous with friends are often shelved to the next holiday or break. Proximity, frequency of interactions, and common struggles will turn classmates into friends and friends into family.
  8. Failure will come by often but keep going anyway. It is only as crippling as you allow it to be. It is either you choose to swim against it or let it drown you.
  9. You will appreciate the value of people believing in you most especially when you stop believing in yourself.
  10. You will realize the importance of relationships and connections.

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