And so the acoustic competition has finally come to pass and although we ended up third, the process that led to this very evening was far more important than the results. Of course, we wanted to win but the truth is that the competition were better than us.

I feel though that this will be my final ensemble stint. I like playing with people, I really do, but I should already be getting past things like not being given the proper equipment for my instrument. Well, in their defense, it was my mistake to not have checked if I could be heard by the audience and I did volunteer my pickup to the lead guitarist to use forgetting that a simple microphone would not suffice to amplify a violin’s sound especially when there are at least three other instruments playing. Sayang lang akong effort. Di ra man diay gihapon madungog. If I am going to play with a group again, I ought to be given the resources I need to give justice to my music.

Plus, I really have got to work on my skill set if I should play again with a group. Tonight’s performance has made me realize the importance of playing an octave higher than the rest in order to make a relevant contribution. Otherwise, I might as well just give the job to the bassist. That is what they are for anyway.

Nevertheless, I am grateful. Perhaps a few years from now, my group mates and I will look back and laugh at what had transpired tonight. For now, we remember with a tinge of disappointment.

But that is okay.

We move on anyway.


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