To Dream Again

Yesterday, I visited my mentor’s blog. The other one is lost and the one that remains had been long abandoned; its last post dated August 2007 with not so much as a farewell post to signal its closing. It was around that time, if I remember it right, that we met. We were sophomores, my best friend and I, bubbling with curiosity over the new teacher who spoke fluent English and played violin. If there was one stupid thing (I was really bad with communicating) I do not regret doing, it would be staying behind to hear him play the violin. Since then, the new teacher became our very own Sir from whom we learned a lot about music, life, and God. It was actually because of him that I started blogging. (Now that I think about it, it’s been a couple of years since I entered the blogosphere. I wonder how much I have improved since…) We only had him for about a year before he returned to Manila but we hadn’t stopped communicating and met once a year whenever he would come home for the holidays. When we didn’t communicate, we would read his blog posts and savor what morsel of wisdom we could get from them. We spared no posts left unread! Ha ha sorry, Sir! Looking back, my mom was right about having friends older than you: you get a different perspective of things when talking to them. That was indeed what we got from him. I don’t know if it was intentional but his mentoring has contributed much to the person I am today.

If there’s anything I miss the most from that time in my life is the presence of a mentor. Someone I could share my life with and be accountable to and to teach me navigate the jungle that is adult world. I want a Sir or maybe a Ma’am (or Ate) this time to guide and nurture me as I had been before (wow I sound so needy ha ha). But seriously though, it would be wonderful to have somebody light the way and help me along in this stage of my life. Someone to teach my impressionable heart to dream again and this time of more meaningful things.

To dream again…

that would be nice.


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