When You Obey

When you start to take God’s Word seriously, circumstances all of a sudden get on your nerves quite effectively. What didn’t bother you before becomes unbearable. What you usually don’t mind becomes what irritates you the most. You become sensitive to a lot of things – a classmate’s smirk, a friend’s condescending tone, an idea rejected in favor of something better, etc.

But the reality is that it isn’t so much as the universe conspiring to bring out the worst in you, rather it is you becoming more aware of what you’ve been doing wrong in your determination to obey God’s Word. As you pore over scripture and apply it in your life, the more you see how crooked your life is. The more sensitive you become to the reality of how much work is needed to be done in you to make you like Jesus Christ. The more frequent you consider the question: will I obey Christ or self?


When you choose to follow what the Bible says,

you erode your precious ego


gain in exchange attributes of Christ.


That is how you lose yourself become Christlike.


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