When a Friend Cries

I came to visit a friend in her workplace today.

She just started working again after her mom died a couple of days ago.

I came unsure because 1) my visit was unannounced and 2) I didn’t know if she wanted a visit. Nevertheless, I went: umbrella in one hand and a box of cupcakes in the other.

I saw a lot of things when I saw her upon my arrival in the office. I saw pain in her eyes when she cheerily greeted me ‘hi’. There was sadness in her lips as she tried to smile. In her face I saw nights of inadequate sleep and exhaustion after all the things she experienced the past two weeks.

My friend was tired and sad.

Mostly sad.

I wished I could help… if only to lessen the pain a bit.

We started talking.

I asked her how she was, what happened, how she felt.

She did most of the talking

And I listened intently – giving her my utmost attention.

And she cried, too, in between her stories

In between laughs when she remembers a funny experience

Or a story about her mom.

Most of the time I was quiet.

Watching and listening.

And feeling sad that my friend is sad. 


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