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While writing my previous post, I remembered giving tips for the NMAT for a churchmate who plans on taking it this November and I thought I might as well post it, too. Before anything else, I am no NMAT expert whatsoever. These tips are simply what worked for me during the time that I was preparing for the exam. Some of which I learned from others. Some of which I figured out myself. I did not enroll for any review course since I found the fee a bit pricey for a short review course but I had classmates who did and it certainly had its advantage(s) but to give some sort of credibility, I scored 96. In the end, it all depends on how you manage your time and resources in preparation for the exam. Anyway, so here goes…

1. Read tips & articles on the internet about the NMAT.
They prove really helpful in giving you a glimpse of what to expect from the exam as well as pieces of advice for you to do well in it.

2. Answer the practice set they send you after you register for the exam.
If my memory serves me right, the questions that came out in the exams were similar to the ones in the practice set.

3. Utilize reviewers.
nmat-1-msa-nmat-national-medical-admission-test-reviewer-setI used a reviewer from MSA. The questions in that reviewer were harder than the practice set (and even the exam) but it has its advantages. I was also introduced to the MCAT reviewer but I wasn’t able to utilize it much. I can tell you it is a very good material for review though. They even give you accompanying “crash course” (for a lack of a better term) books for each subject covered and an audio lecture for better retention.

4. Watch crash course videos.
This was very helpful for me since I had a heavy workload that semester and I was working on my thesis so I didn’t have much time to read through textbooks.

5. Prioritize.
If you’re taking the NMAT this November, chances are, you might be working on your thesis, too, around that time. Which leads me to my next tip:

6. Plan your study.
The MSA reviewer has a list of subjects covered on the exam so you can assess from there which ones you should work on more.

7. Study hard.
There isn’t really any way around this. If you want to score high, you really got to study.

8. Quiz yourself every now and then.
This is a good way of assessing how much you have learned about a topic and how you can improve your grasp on it if you have not understood it well enough.

9. Pray
Ultimately, our success hinges solely upon God’s sovereign grace. A number of NMAT takers are graduating students and as someone who was once in those shoes, you most likely will find yourself overwhelmed with schoolwork and thesis and might find yourself prioritizing something over the other. Asking for God’s help to clear your head of anxiety and stress can help you look at your circumstance with clarity us you sort out your priorities.

So those are my tips for the NMAT. Hope this helps! If you have any questions or tips you found useful during your NMAT preparations, feel free to comment below.


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