2/20: Transience

I saw a picture of Ate Metchie while rummaging through albums in my laptop. I still remember her from time to time. I see her in people I should have been kinder to. I see her in people I should be more patient with. I remember her whenever I feel like giving up on people. I remember the innocence in her face and the pleasure of enjoying the simple joys of life. And I remember her whenever I do something I shouldn’t be doing. It has been almost a year and still her death pains me.

So young.

So sudden.

Sometimes I think about death and I wonder what kind of legacy I would leave behind when I die. I am not afraid of dying. I am more afraid of living an insignificant life. I am afraid I would only leave behind things that would validate what a selfish existence I have had. I struggle with living the kind of life I should be living especially when temporary circumstances feel like they are the only things that matter when in fact there are more important things that I should be more concerned about.

If I do not wake up tomorrow, Mom and Dad, I want you to know that I love you. I thank God for you.


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