Borrowed Words



Rukmi Ray: I find that if paths are meant to reconnect they happen of their own accord….minus all the interference,manipulations and force….and if they’re not then no amount of external pressure can force it….and each persons personal evolution/journey took them in a direction where they were meant to be…

Anne Rödiger: But sometimes, there’s nothing beautiful awaiting us behind someone’s leaving. No happy-ending, miracle or dramatic love-story. Sometimes you just need to stop being a sucker for romance and let go because you know, some heroes never return to you, which doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t heroes in some way or another – but certainly not yours.

Rebecca Libauskas: Why is everyone reading this in terms of romance? I read it and thought of friends, children, family members who grow apart from you in your life or aren’t always there for you when you need the to be. I read it as not trying to hold to tightly onto a relationship of any kind, let people experience their own lives without you and to not be offended by it, but to be happy for them and enjoy them when they grow closer to you again…


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