01/21: If I Never Knew You

I watched Pocahontas a week ago and even though I watched another movie (The Garden of Words) following it, my heart and my mind returns to it. This movie was released on 1995 (the year I was born) and I am glad I watched it at this age because I feel like I would not have appreciated it this much if I did otherwise.

My favorite parts of the movie:

And then this:

Deciding which path to take… Not understanding and choosing to understand… Loving and letting go… these were the things that struck me in that movie.

Initially, I did not feel like watching the sequel. Like most of the people who saw it, I prefer an ending where Pocahontas and John Smith ended up together. I wanted to relish the love they had in their youth that even though they had to part in the end, in those brief moments they shared in the forests, they have changed each other’s lives profoundly. But curiosity took over and in the end, I watched it. Well, more like skipped through it. I watched it to see how much things changed for the characters. I did not manage to catch how much time had passed since his return to England but I reckon it is a lot of years considering the number of English settlers in Jamestown.

To be honest, John Rolfe is not so bad. He is actually rather likable. He is interesting in his own way and manages to meet Pocahontas where she is – something that does not happen with the current Pocahontas and John Smith. Both of them have become different people in the years that passed since they separated.

While the first movie was beautiful and magical, I think the sequel is beautiful, too, in its own way in that it teaches us that even the greatest loves do not necessarily end happily. What Pocahontas and John Smith shared in the forest was beautiful and their not ending up together does not make it less so. I suppose they just were not meant to go any further than they did.

Perhaps it is true that love is all about timing: it does not matter the strength of the love if circumstances do not allow the lovers to be together. We could wish all we want for a reunion but there is no guarantee that things will remain the same.

That John Smith and Pocahontas did not end up together is tragic, but it is never a tragedy.


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