Sometimes You Forget

In the midst of failures and frustrations, hurts and offenses, distance and silences, obligations and responsibilities, hellos and goodbyes, school work and examinations, pages of readings, disappointments, midnight musings and sad music, you forget.

In your hurt and frustration over a person’s inability to cater to your needs, you forget that another one has already promised you a place of comfort accessible anytime. You need only ask. In your insistence of gaining entry to some door, you forget that you already have entry to a hallway whose doors you may enter as you please. In your insecurities and inadequacies, you hopelessly pine for another’s affection forgetting that such has already been given to you by another person. In absence and silences, you forget friends you had. You forget the jokes and the stories shared. You forget conversations, events, that one time spent together on the beach watching the sunset leaving behind, if only for a moment, the looming uncertainty of the future ahead. The memories blurred and sometimes devalued by time and distance and of novel memories made. Silently they lie in the corners of your mind gathering dust and slowly vanishing as the years fly by – their value unacknowledged and forgotten until a picture, a reminder, an invitation for coffee drags them back into consciousness and then you remember. The memory coming slowly like the first tiny drips of water that fall from the faucet when you twist the knob open which proceeds to gush out all at once flooding you with flashbacks of yesterday. And then you remember the warmth and the connection shared. You remember that you have loved and been loved in return.


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