Now That I’m 21

1. I lose the license to act stupid
2. I need to improve the way I handle relationships
3. I need to learn what honor means
4. Commitment is saying ‘yes’ to something and seeing it through no matter what
5. I need to learn to honor my commitments
6. I need to be more serious about life: the choices are difficult and the consequences heavier. No more trial stages
7. I need God more than ever
8. I ought to learn to dress better– look presentable
9. I need to learn to prioritize
10. I should be wiser about who I let in on my life and who I don’t
11. It’s okay to disagree
12. I should learn to talk properly
13. I should learnt to be specific with what what I’m trying to say
14. I should learn to assert myself
15. I should learn to make fast and slow decisions and be firm with them
16. I need to stop being passive
17. I should not slouch anymore
18. I should sleep early unless necessary
19. Semi-formal shoes > sneakers
20. I need to learn to weigh my priorities
21. I should learn to put on make up
22. Life isn’t going to be easy on me anymore
23. The frequency of people asking me about my love life would increase. I shouldn’t be pressured. It isn’t a race.
24. I should learn to call people ”Ma’am” or “Sir” generously. I’m not a kid anymore.
25. I gain authority and influence over those younger than me.
26. Wine is fine. Just fermented fruit.
27. I should despise comfort zones. The best things in life come from taking risks.
28. My mistakes do not define who I am. Neither do other people’s regard of me.

This is what I’ve come up so far. Hopefully I’ll add more to this list. 


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