A Letter to My Future Son or Daughter: On Studies

Your grandfather used to tell me: It’s ok not to take high school seriously. It’s college that’s most important. While it is true that what matters in your resume are your achievements in college and more importantly, where you went to college and whether or not you got a latin honor, it is in high school that you should develop the necessary skills for college- establishing study habits, note-taking, time management, etc. It is also the ‘best’ time of your life to dream, learn, make mistakes, invest in your interests, etc. Take it from someone who is a jack in a lot of trades and a master of none. My child, while you are still young with a lot of time to spare, invest on that sport or skill you have and master it. Refuse to allow yourself to do things half-heartedly. Do not be like me who wishes from time to time to have mastered the things I invested time on before life got in the way. Your father and I will support you as much as we can. Dream on.

Whether or not you pursue postgraduate studies, in your undergrad, I urge you to study in order to learn. Trust me, you will not regret doing just that. What you will regret however is not listening to your professors during lecture, taking bad notes, sleeping late surfing the internet on a school night, studying for the sake of the exam, and what not because when the time comes, my child, you will realize that it is impossible to cram four years worth of learning in just a couple of months. The courses in your prospectus are designed to equip you with the things you need for your profession and it makes no difference if you received a latin honor and yet you have forgotten most of the things you’ve learned (crammed) in school. That said, I am not saying that you shouldn’t have fun. Rather, I want you to have fun and value your studies just as much.

That is all I have to say for now. Do not think that your struggles are alien to me. I was once the same age as you are right now. It will be alright. Mom and Dad are here for you. Talk to us.


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