9/24: Music

So I discovered a Youtube channel by the name of HDSoundDI.

I recently wrote about not being as keen as I was before in finding music to my liking and stumbling upon such channel by chance is such a breather from the repetitive but catchy pop songs I’ve been listening to. Here is one of the gems I’ve found in the channel:

Okay. So it’s not the most emotional music it claims to be, but it is sentimental. I wonder if I have heard similar music back then. I don’t remember. It struck a chord though.

I remember my high school days when I would listen to tracks like this at night and just feel- allowing the music to course through my veins and permeate into my heart. I would feel melancholic… reflecting on the life, the loves and chances I have missed and the things thay could have been. (I was really sentimental.) I played violin a lot back then which vastly widened my musical horizon. Beginning after the summer of sophomore year, my friends and I- we were a string ensemble of four- would meet up, practice some scores, and occasionally present during school events. During Christmas, our violin teacher, who was still single and based in Manila then, would come home and we would meet and play music together. We didn’t play that well, but we had a lot of fun and for us youngsters, that was all that mattered.

When we graduated high school, my friends and I pursued different studies and studied in different schools. Although my best friend and I were in the same university, we didn’t play as much music as we did in high school. When our teacher came over for the holidays, we tried running some scores but when he saw we didn’t take music seriously, he got tired and preferred having coffee and conversations over music. I played less and less as I got a year level higher and the music that was once a huge part of me became a thing of the past, an occasional breather in the routine that was my life.

I miss those times. It all seems so far away now… but I guess growing up always comes with change and sometimes parting… even with the things that are dear to you… and learning to enjoy them in new ways like giving up on insisting on making childish music and learning to enjoy coffeetable conversations. It meant a lot to me… the music that we made (change will not nake it any less), but here comes a new season- a new kind of beautiful if given the chance- and with it comes new moments to share and memories to make. 

I’m getting sentimental so I will end this post with another track.

This one I’m pretty sure I have not heard before, but this one hits home.


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