Honestly, when I read from the reviews that Dogani (international title: The Crucible) was a hard film to watch, I didn’t take it seriously. Despite the ominous trailer and the equally dark-themed website from which I read the movie synopsis from, I still went ahead and watched when I saw its thumbnail on my recommended list on Youtube.


If you’d like to know why I got interested in this particular movie, yep, that’s right: Gong Yoo. (Gosh, I have got to stop fangirling about this man.)

So I just finished the watching the movie and now my heart is heavy. I paused briefly when the credits started rolling and then opened Facebook to scroll and look at irrelevant posts just to take my mind off it. The movie is certainly not for the fainthearted. I’m glad I watched the movie 1.5 to 2 times faster than its original pace otherwise I probably wouldn’t have finished it .

I’ve already opened a couple of Buzzfeed links to make myself feel better after what I just watched but I realized that if allow myself to be distracted and sleep this off, I most likely would forget and move on. I don’t what that to happen. That’s why I am writing… even if this isn’t going to be lengthy.

the_crucible-posterThe movie begins with Kang In Ho (Gong Yoo) moving in to Mujin to teach in a school for the deaf. In Ho is a widower with a young sick daughter living with his mother in Seoul. As he starts teaching, he notices that some of the students were aloof. He even witnesses a teacher mercilessly beating a male student in the faculty room for going out at night. One night, when he was reading on the students’ bio, on his way out, he hears a scream on the hallway and decides to investigate. He discovers that the sound came from the girls’ bathroom and was about to check on it when the school guard interrupts him. The guard tells him that the children always make strange noises at night because they are deaf. Somehow convinced, he drops it and leaves. The events that follow lead up to In Ho discovering the school’s dark under belly.

What a gut-wrenching movie it was.

It breaks my heart to realize that somewhere out there in the world, the same thing could be happening to someone. It could be happening (or have already happened) to someone I know. God forbid.

The horrible things a person can do to another… and to actually revel in those hideous acts… for these things to actually happen in real life… to real people… why?

I don’t-

I can’t-

It is easy to accuse God for being indifferent by allowing these things to happen (because they do happen in real life), but then I remember who God is and I am certain that He does not delight in the evil that is happening in this world. The world is messed up because a lot of people are messed up and messed up people live messed up life and make messed up choices. We have brought chaos upon ourselves. Chaos from which we cannot save ourselves from. At the end of the movie one of the characters says, “…we should not fight to change the world itself, but to stop it from changing us.” And maybe she’s right: to change the world is an impossible endeavor, but we change the world by refusing to allow it to change us.

The story may not have a bright ending but it did light up a few candles which when put together could light up a darkened room.


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