9/8: Comforts

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been very keen in looking for my type of music that I’ve settled for EDMs and mainstream pop that are catchy as hell but whose lyrics aren’t exactly of any substance. I did venture into a little indie and jazz and while I did enjoy them, my uncultured ears need some getting-used-to to music like those.

Very few songs strike a chord in me these days.

This one does though.

I don’t know much about the movie except for what I’ve gotten from the trailer, but even in the absence of context for this song, I found myself remembering moments, feelings, people, and places the moment it started playing on my earphones.

Much of what I remembered happened not too long ago but right now it seems as though such a long time has passed. Some of the people I’m missing are still in the same city as me but ever since graduation, our lives have taken different trajectories pulling us away from each other.

I miss those times when life was easy and there wasn’t so much at stake, but this is my life now and I can only move forward: bringing with me the happy days of the past and the hope that I can build good memories here, too.

I look forward to that.



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