91655-long-road-quotesSometimes the journey towards a destination is intimidating. Maybe because of the length of the journey or the road itself. Or it could be because of the unfamiliarity of the terrain and we find ourselves walking alone. Or maybe because we consider ourselves inadequate for the journey ahead. Whatever the reason, regardless of the apprehension, we walk: taking in the air and feeling the sun on our skin. We walk. One step at a time: feeling the gravel under our shoes, eyes focused on that destination ahead. Yes, we stumble along the way. We earn wounds and bruises, but we get up, dust ourselves, and walk again. We keep walking no matter the pace, no matter the fear, no matter the difficulty, no matter the heaviness of our loads. We walk and slowly we move closer to our destinations. Until one day, finally, we reach it.

It is a long walk from this side of the road to there. God, give me strength and joy in this journey. But most importantly, may this road lead me closer to You. Amen.


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