8/4: Divergence

After scanning through some med-related websites this afternoon, I was struck with the realization that my friends and I are beginning to tread different paths. Duh, what do you expect after graduation? Here I am off to med school, Paolo has a job, Jaka’s going to law school, Dom and Kevin are on their final year of undergrad, Keren’s applying for her masters, Ryno’s waiting for the result of his scholarship application- everyone’s pursuing different things now. Inch by inch we’re moving apart from each other. And honestly, I can’t help but feel sad. I will miss my friends. I will miss being silly and stupid with them. I will miss arguing and debating with them. I will miss making Paolo wait during rendezvous and how pissed he would become when he arrives before anyone else. I will miss Dom’s warmth and child-likeness. I will miss Kevin’s gentlemanliness and caring side. I will miss Jaka’s timidity and fluffiness. I will miss Keren’s flamboyance and how gay she sounds when she speaks. I will miss Ryno’s thoughtfulness and having to look after him.

I wish somebody told me that parting came with growing up. I wish someone told me to cherish the moments you have with the people that matter to you because inevitably life would bring you to different courses and along with that comes changes- sometimes good, sometimes bad- and the only things you can hold on to are the memories you’ve shared and how much you mattered to each other. I wish I could go back… back to those lunch times in the gazebo. Back to those conversations in McDonalds. Back to when we went YOLO and rented a canoe. I wish we were younger again. Even just for a moment.

Sigh. 😞


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