One thing I think I’ve grown cynical about is meeting-old-friends-in-some-obscure-date-in-the-future-for-a-cup-of-coffee-and-whatnots. I guess I have come to stop believing in it after hearing it so often and never having it come to fruition. Okay, I may have agreed to some propositions of that sort which I didn’t really mean, but there are those that I did mean and looked forward to which never happened and those are the ones that disappoint me. But like what always happens, life throws in a new thing or new characters or decisions to make and you get your hands full and before you realize it, the disappointment starts mattering less and less until it becomes this hazy memory of bumping into an old friend on one’s way to work. Yes, you move on because there are other things to take care of but the impression remains.

If there is one thing I learned from all the failed rendezvous I have had is that if there isn’t a specified date for the said meet-up, chances are, there isn’t going to be one. Sometimes it is for reasons you can’t do anything about, i.e. a co-worker gets sick and you need to cover for him/her or a family member comes home and there is dinner in your parent’s place, etc., but sometimes you do actually have a say whether or not the rendezvous happens and you choose not to go. So, I guess, even though I unconsciously laugh to myself every time I hear or read those words, I forgive the people who say them when they don’t happen because I’ve done them too… probably as often as I hear them. I also understand that while those words were well-intentioned and sincere, sometimes life is such a handful and it makes meeting up difficult. But not impossible.

I suppose you just have to go the extra mile to make that rendezvous a reality and not just a mere thoughtful ad lib in the absence of something to say to an old friend you bumped into on the street.


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