I’ve been watching Scrubs lately. This is one of the preparations I have been making for med school. It is a really interesting series following the life of John Dorian or J.D., a medical intern at Sacred Heart Hospital. 

Aside from its great set of characters whom you cannot help but love, it is how it seamlessly transitions from comedy to poignancy that sold me. Just barely three episodes in I was hooked in it. I’m in episode 15 of season 1 now and while I am really enjoying myself (and falling for the adorable J.D.), I realize it is an affair that cannot go on. Med school is starting in roughly two weeks and I can’t afford to have a distraction. 

By the way, I got my uniform today and it sure snatched me away from my vacation. To be honest, I’m looking forward to med school. Heck, I’m even excited. At the same time, I’m nervous about how it is going to turn out (yeah, I’ve heard stories and how hard it can be in there). After enrolment I asked my mom what I was going to lose when I enter med school. I’m scared about that, too. Just recently, someone asked me if I was ready for med school to which replied , “Getting ready.” Because, really, as much as I would like to say that I am ready, I’m not. Not yet. I went over my notes the other week and, my goodness, I couldn’t recall most of them. And those were the basics! How could I forget the basis!? I guess I didn’t really learn them, truth be told. The past four years in undergrad, I realize, had mostly been about just getting good scores to get good grades and not much about really learning anything. 

This time is going to be different though and I can’t carry the same mindset when the stakes are highers and the consequences heavier. A better me is needed to survive in that jungle and a whole lot of grace

Help me, God.


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