This is a drink I purchased at the airport today from Sap.

It’s a concoction composed of celery, carrot, parsley, turmeric, lemon grass, green apple, blueberry, lemon, and organic cane. It tastes O.K. but the lemon grass overpowers everything else it’s basically the only ingredient that leaves an impression. And I’m not really a fan of lemon grass so I can’t say I enjoyed the drink and neither did my parents. If you’re looking for something you would want to enjoy drinking, I wouldn’t recommend this. Try a more familiar mixture. πŸ˜›

Anyway, what struck me about this drink though is the memory it brought to mind when I drank it. I remember our camp site– the second camp site, to be specific– and trailing the wilderness in the rain with only a raincoat shielding my skin from the damp, cool wind. I remember the scent of the forest and the people I trailed and lived in the wilderness with.

Sigh it has been a year since then. Time flies fast in the city. Back in the wilderness, time ran really slow. I guess it’s really just because aside from doing fieldwork, there wasn’t anything much to do in there but wait and well, talk to each other. It was a refreshing experience. One that I wouldn’t mind doing again.

I miss the wilderness. I miss camping. I miss field work. I miss the people I worked with.

I wonder when I can trek mountains again. Sigh πŸ™‚


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