Words of Encouragement

Two years ago, before the beginning of our Christmas concert in church, a churchmate said to me: “I think it’s important to tell people that we believe in them. I know we’re supposed to not dwell on our own capabilities and trust God to see us through but sometimes I think it still matters that we remind people that we believe in them. That we have faith in their capabilities. Sometimes circumstances can become so arduous and demanding that we start believing we can’t make it. It is in those times that we need just one person to remind us that they see us capable of achieving what we’re beginning to give up on because we’ve started losing faith in ourselves. I believe in you, Hon.” (Non-verbatim)

I honestly don’t remember my response to her words that night. I probably have said thank you but what I do remember is that every time I got nervous, I remembered her words and repeated them to my self.

I forgot about our talk that same night. It slipped my mind after the burden of performance was lifted and we were overwhelmed with relief and happiness for a successful concert.

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed earlier this evening a friend shared an article from Thought Catalog. Initially, I didn’t want to read it but I decided to click anyway; curious of what the writer has to say to her medicine student friend.

This is a snippet of her letter:

We need people to tell us that they believe in us. People that would encourage us to do better. To push us to try harder. To remind us of what we’re capable of. To drag us when we stubbornly refuse to walk after scraping our knees. People to pull us up when we’ve stumbled really bad and our legs have gone frail and weak to even stand. People to carry us in times when we can’t even carry ourselves.

Encouraging people empowers them to do more than what they are capable of doing. And sometimes all we need is just that.

And of course a good friend to tell us honestly and brutally what’s wrong with us and still accompany us no matter how angry we get at them for being right. 😂

It would be awesome to have all these things rolled in one.


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