I have been reading Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood since last night. Waiting the entire day in a clinic waiting room has allowed me to devour one-third of the novel (slow, I know). I’m still in the waiting room with my parents, by the way. I just finished chapter five of the book and paused to write what I intend to be a brief-reflection-so-far of the book. Let’s see how this post turns out hehe 😅 Anyway, the book is dark and heavy and deals with issues such as death, solitude, anxiety, existential issues, and sex from the perspective of an 18 year-old man as a recalled by his 38 year-old present self. The first few chapters is unrestrained in presenting the protagonist’s history– what he is at present, who he was in the past, the event that changed him, and what has become of him as a result. I was really about to drop the book if not for a new character in the story which drastically changed the mood of the book. 

So that’s about it for the first five chapters of the novel. I look forward to how the story unfolds.

Update: check-up is done. We’re finally going home. I need time to think and absorb everything that happened today. 


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