A Farewell to the Tent Life

I haven’t been writing lately.

The past week was so emotion-packed, I could barely pause to gather my thoughts and sentiments without wanting to cry. I still find it difficult to be alone with my thoughts lately, but I’m handling things better now. The key to becoming an effective middleman, I realize, is not to allow oneself to be too overwhelmed by the situation. Issues should be taken one at a time. Taking everything in all at once is exhausting and resolutions are not guaranteed.

Anyway, I will save that story for another post. For now, allow me to make a tribute to four years of undergraduate school.


This is a photo I took during our field sampling in Oroquieta City last March. It is one of the very few photos I have taken during sampling which is not a documentation of the organisms we sampled in the field.

Today, I bid goodbye indefinitely to the tent life I have grown accustomed as an undergraduate Biology student. What a journey it has been indeed. Four years in my department has taught and made me experience new things, introduced me to different kinds of people, and opened my eyes to the wonders of nature that lie beyond the urban world in which I live in. I have learned to adapt to life in the wilderness and appreciate the peace and escape it offers from the chaos and noise of the city. I have also learned to be more aware of the lives around me which not only consists of other people but also of animals and plants. Everything is interconnected. No other sentence could aptly describe the interrelationship of life on Earth.

Looking back on my journey as a Biology student, I remember initially wishing to have taken a different program in a different school. But because my mom had the last say on where I will be studying, I ended up staying in my hometown. I felt bitter towards my mother’s decision so I isolated myself from my classmates (intentionally refusing to even know their names) for about a month. That didn’t last long. One fateful afternoon four years ago, I met this dark-haired girl with a peculiar taste in music but shared a lot of common interests with me. We were an odd pair but our friendship worked nevertheless and I was friendless no more.

My friendship with her led to many others. It was the beginning of an interesting and fun-filled journey with people walking the same direction. It wasn’t easy. There were difficult subjects and difficult teachers that came along. There were hurdles and pit stops. Arguments and misunderstandings were not rare as well as the wounds and bruises that came with them. And many times, I have found myself inadequate. But semester after semester, I emerge in awe and wonder of the Lord my God that has sustained me through easy and difficult times; slightly wiser, a little stronger, and somehow better than the person I was at the beginning of the semester.

I may have not chosen this journey for myself but seeing how things had turn out from this vantage point, with gladness I declare that the Lord has indeed better plans for me than I have for myself.

This journey was not taken alone. All that is and was are made possibly by people whom and circumstances which the Lord has used to lead me up to this very moment.

I will not be where I am if not for Him.

His grace has led me safe thus far and grace will lead me home.

To God be the glory!


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