There is a difference between being needed and being loved by someone.

Sometimes, we get so caught up by the moment- sparks, glitters, and butterflies- that we do not realize that we have already put meaning in an otherwise meaningless gesture. We do not realize that the things we think we have seen or felt were nothing but mere projections of the things we were hoping for. And we end up pining and anticipating for something that was not even there to begin with.

And sometimes, even though we are just…

Pansamantalang unan / momentary pillows
sa tuwing ika’y nahihirapan / whenever they are having a hard time
Pansamantalang panyo / momentary hankies
sa tuwing ika’y nasasaktan / whenever they are in pain
– Pansamantala, Callalily

We stay.

And so the song goes…




Back then I could never understand why a person would settle for something as unfulfilling and heartbreaking as being another person’s ‘momentary person’ or go-to person in times of need and loneliness and remaining just that. I mean there are so many things a person could be… why would anyone settle for that?

But now I think I understand…

Stephen Chbosky once said,

We accept the love we think we deserve.


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