Christians need not fear death 

I listened to a sermonby John McArthur earlier today about The Memory that Shuns Sin. It was basically about remembering and not forgetting the consequences of sin: what sin has done to God. What sin has done to Jesus Christ. What sin has done to people. Sin, though pleasurable, is devastating. The repercussions are evident in the lives of many people, in the society, in the world.

Sin kills.

Prior that main point is the preacher’s emphasis on how Christians ought not to fear death, but rather expect death, embrace its possibility, and welcome it with arms wide open. After all, death is only physical. It is a mere transition from this life to the next. A life in which there is no sin, no problems, no evil. A life unending in the presence the Lord.

And yet I hesitate at the threat of death. It scares me, quiet frankly. The possibility of being tortured inhumanly… mutilated until I am unrecognizable… stripped of my dignity and humanity. What a terrible sight.

Then again, isn’t that what Jesus had went through? Isn’t that what He endured 2000 years ago to save a mere mortal like me?

A seed must die for a flower to bloom.

One must die for sin to cease.

One must die in order to be fully alive.


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