Romance. It’s nagging at me again… this whole ‘love’ thing. Telling me to rise, go, try testing the waters again, feel the thrill, enjoy the ride and have a good time. But quite frankly, it scares me. The idea of venturing once again into that landscape and setting my heart loose is something I wish to avoid… for now. Until I learn to keep my heart in check. The fear does not make my heart less dauntless in its desires, after all. It is tiresome, I admit. There are moments when my heart whispers to narrow the distance.. to let go of the inhibitions.. to speak.. to inquire.. could it be? is it possible? But then I remember what is and what cannot be. I remember the vows and the cost of crossing the line.

For now, I guess I’ll just be content with whatever there is for me to experience. I suppose only time will tell if the buds will blossom indeed into the flowers they promise to become. For the mean time, I wait. Tread my own path. Pursue the things worth pursuing. And who knows, maybe it’ll then be time to enjoy the flowers.


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