Reach Out

Photo from Google

Hurts, misunderstandings, conflicts, arguments etcetera etcetera are nothing rare in the church.

People from all ages in all walks of life with different personalities and convictions are bound to collide at any moment. Sometimes the collision is mild and nothing much suffers from it. And sometimes the impact is so strong it jars not only the people involved but also the entire congregation leaving everything within its path wounded and crippled.

Whichever the scenario, I believe compassion is still due to the people involved. Regardless of who started what and why, I believe people deserve the effort of being reached out to and- if need be- corrected or rebuked. At least once. Because not all conflicts mend themselves. Not all people arrive to that light bulb moment. More often than not, wounds heal best when treated with antiseptics rather than left to wait for the bleeding to stop.


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