One Step Closer

I once talked to a friend about what doing thesis felt like.

Well, after six months of reading, writing, complying, stressing, frustrating, etc. about it, my baby has finally grown up.

The feeling of holding an almost finished (I still have to incorporate my panel’s suggestions on improving my study which is due on Friday, by the way 😭) feels surreal. I can’t help but smile.

I give credit to this achievement to the Lord who has sustained me from beginning to end. Sure, there were bumps, uncertainties and worries along the way, but here I am and here’s my baby.

I also thank the people God used to help me complete this study and are as follows:

My parents.
My thesis adviser.
PBCFI people.
Local guides and field assistants.

My final defense went well even though I wasn’t able to deliver my presentation fluently. I was nervous and I guess I didn’t practice enough. Nevertheless, I praise God because through it all, despite the anxiety and nervousness, he gave me a clear mind to think through everything.

Me after my defense.

I guess I’m a step closer to medical school, eh?

Soli deo Gloria!


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