Five days.

I have five days left until the National Medical Admission Test which I will be taking along with my friends. How am I preparing for that big day? By not stressing myself out and working on my thesis instead (which incidentally is due six days after the NMAT).

God has been good.

Weeks prior to this, I have really been anxious to the point of crying for the fear of not obtaining the score I am aiming for. When I surrendered to the Lord my fears and doubts, He responded by moving my thesis defense schedule for another time. And again, He moved my midterm exams to November giving me more free time this week to review (I’m self-reviewing, by the way). Isn’t He great?

But despite working hard and being grateful, my heart turned away from Him and sought other things to numb the panic and anxiety as they slowly creep back to me the moment I took a U-turn from the Lord.

After everything He’s done, this is what I choose to do. 😦

Please forgive my arrogance, O Lord. I am forgetful, God. I fear the future too much forgetting that You are greater than anything that would come my way. Remind me always, God, that You hold my tomorrows and that whatever it may have in store for me, You are good. Bind my wandering heart to Thee. Amen.


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