When times were less turbulent.

I am inclined to think, to blame, to become angry with the way things have turned out. It is easy to point fingers, to throw the blame, to name the person or people responsible. It easy to say what could and could not have probably happened had it been the other way. It is more difficult to rationalize and feel otherwise about the whole situation. But I also realize that perhaps the Lord has better things in mind for Him to allow such to happen. The Lord is good, I know it. He bears in mind the best for us even allowing us to go through the consequences of our sins. God is an expert in making beauty out of ashes and if He has done it in others, He can and will most certainly do the same for you. I honestly do not know what is in your heart: two contrasting pictures are being presented to me. And I can’t say I know you that well to know which is right. But in the brief time that we have been together, I have seen and known enough of you to be sure of one thing: you love God. So even though I would rather see your wide grin and be graced with your warmth as you exude vivacity in everything you do as I always did in a familiar backdrop, I trust that God’s plans for you are far better than anyone else’s and if it takes breaking and leaving to mold you into becoming the person He intends you to be, I will be at peace knowing that you are where you ought to be.


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