On Pseudorelationships

Pseudo-relationships… fleeting and almost always remain just that. But why do people still settle for that?

For the fun and fireworks? Maybe. For the hope that it may bloom into something more? Probably. Better something than nothing at all? Perhaps.

There are many reasons why, but the bottomline is that someone is bound to have his/her heart broken when it all ends. And what sucks is that when it does, you really have no right to demand an explanation from the other person nor have you the right to be angry for his/her “falling out of love”. You can only keep it all to yourself and suck it up.

That’s the reason why I Kissed Dating Goodbye discourages its readers from playing the dating game and instead preserve themselves and their hearts until the right person comes along: a heartbreak is a crushing experiencing and it scars us. It scars us for life and we are never the same person again.

Ah, but like the proverbial moth to a flame, we are drawn to the rhapsody of iridescence despite the warnings and cautions given us. Enticed by the bliss of freefall, we fool ourselves to thinking that we can soar like eagles and thus jump head on only to find out otherwise.


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