Every now and then I wonder about how my life could have turned out if I did this instead of that. What if I had taken courage instead of remaining quiet? What if I had taken action instead of just contemplating about whether I should do the thing I wanted to do or not? What if I said something instead of waiting for things to happen?

I keep wondering about what would happen if this certain life variable, say number of siblings or where I went to high school to, were different.

So many what ifs. So many answers to those what ifs. So many outcomes. The possibilities are infinite.

But then again, that is what they are always going to be: a possibility.

I can and will never know the outcome with absolute certainty. The only thing I can be sure of is that should one life variable change, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I may live a similar life but definitely not the same.

There are things I wish were different, but this is how God intends my life to unfold… and it isn’t so bad, really.

I am blessed with more than I could ever ask for.


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