If someone were to give me a gift right now, I would be happy to receive an alarm clock.

I am learning, albeit poorly, how to manage my time as of late, manage my priorities, to be more specific. I realize I have been an awful steward of the time the Lord has given me– I have been unwise with the way I use my time. I keep finding myself thinking about how short days are when in fact, I am just a lousy manager of the time I have. Everyone has been given equal amount of time per day. The number of hours I have is the same number of hours Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein had in their days. The only difference we had is how we made use of our time: they spent their time (and life) pursuing the things they loved. They had a goal, a direction, a passion, a purpose to live by. While me, on the other hand, live as though I have all the time in the world indulging in things that are not even significant, things that I would only end up regretting at the end of day and wishing I had done differently.

Oh, God, that You would teach me how to number my days;
That You would remind me that tomorrow is not guaranteed,
That I may not be graced with the chance to live another day.
Help me realize to invest on things eternal and not temporal.
Set my heart on things above and not on earthly things
That are here today and gone tomorrow.
Help me realize that there are more significant things
Worth my time than just mindlessly and aimlessly
Scrolling along dashboards and newsfeeds
Reading about things that do not concern me at all.
Help me, God.


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