Sometimes though even when we have been taught and understood, we do not necessarily love what we have come to understand. Sometimes it takes a passionate teacher to instill appreciation for the subject in his students. The passionate teacher is the one that never leaves your heart empty-handed at the end of the discussion, at the end of the semester. You listen to him and you emerge from the classroom a slightly different person than you were when you came in– wider-eyed, brighter, and hungrier for more (whatever ‘more’ meant). He goes beyond the textbook, beyond the four-walled classroom, and pours his very heart in lectures.

He is the same teacher that ignites tiny embers in their students that have all the potential in the world to become bright large flames that could in turn ignite others.

But then again, we also cannot neglect personal responsibility. Education is a two-way street. The passionate teacher is only as potent a catalyst of change as his student is as porous as a sponge in his willingness to learn.

Perhaps our problem lies in that most of us do not really care about the environment and wildlife in general because we do not realize the impact they have on our lives. We may not always realize it, but we are all interconnected. Each living being, however insignificant they may seem, on earth is part of the huge web of life and whatever happens to one member affects the other. The things we do (or do not do), the trash we threw, the careless acts we’ve committed, the exploitation and adulteration of nature we’ve made at a point in our lifetimes, may not directly affect us, but we will inevitably eventually reap, not necessarily in our lifetimes, but maybe in the next.

The earth may not be our final destination, but while we’re in it, let’s be mindful of it and our co-inhabitants. Yes, we are not the only occupants of earth. The earth teems with life in all forms and we need each other to survive.

One does not have to be a scientist or a biologist to realize that life is important, regardless of the packaging it comes in, regardless of its size.

It only takes a heart.

And we people all have hearts.


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