Borrowed Words

Obedient When It’s Convenient

This speaks to the heart. My heart.

“The most astounding thing about Jesus is that He is brutally honest about His feelings yet absolutely submitted to the will of God.”
-Timothy Keller

My closest friends and family know that one topic I’ve always felt so strongly about is Lordship, to the point that I recently got into a fairly heated discussion with my parents and brother as we argued the requirement of obedience and the presence of grace. It’s something I always point my friends back to, and it’s something I constantly fight to apply in my life as well.

In relation to it, one thing I noticed is that a lot of Christians can quickly obey when God asks of them small things, yet they can’t when it comes to the big things. And I’ve heard justifications wherein they say that they’re not usually like that, it’s just that this one’s too hard, failing to…

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